Sphere Water Hyacinth   Sphere Rattan



Through its collections, Onyx makes you discover a material that is as old as the hills but that has been re-interpreted, re-invented in our way.

The collections are well anchored in the tradition of basketry but free its shapes from their conservative origins. Rattan and water hyacinth blend in mellow armchairs, inviting you to relax, to be fullfilled.   

Indigo Pearl Resort & Spa in Phuket chose Onyx furniture for their amazing spa. Montis Resort, the first 5 stars hotel in Pai (northern Thailand), chose Moebius and Spoon to be part of the Montis Cafe. A beautiful resort to discover, and not only because you will be well seated.  Grand Siritara Condomnium sales office (Chiang Mai) is also furnished with our Sphere collection. 




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