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Since its incorporation, Onyx adopted 3 core principles that define its identity: design - sustainability - quality Established in the Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand in 2008, the first collection was made of handicrafted rattan items that already showed impressive design and confirmed Onyx as a supplier of choice for the hospitality industry as well as for demanding private customers, both locally and overseas

Recently, the company operated 2 simultaneous significant changes: moving to its own new premises and adopting bamboo as raw material for its entire activity.

Both confirmed Onyx commitment to its principles:

- Although presenting a challenging shape to process in its raw form, bamboo is a first class option in terms of benefits: once harvested, the plant will simply regrow; its growing rate is exceptional, fastly storing CO2; at similar weight, bamboo is as strong as steel; its appearance is unique; and at end of cycle, it can be turned into a powerful heat resource
- the new factory, entirely self-designed and erected in auto-construction aimed at lowering the project environmental impact to its minimum (location choice, building design, preference for recyclable materials and minimal use of concrete, man-powered handling of components, easy dismantability of any above-ground structure for changes or even complete move, boost of biodiversity in the factory surroundings)

Onyx manufacturing process has been designed in order to minimize energy requirements while making the utmost use of production waste (sawdust and wood chips). Its vehicules run on LPG and rain water runoff from the roofs is collected for daily use.