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Design - Sustainability - Quality

The DNA Onyx collection is built on

Its eye-catching design has garnered a wide recognition in the form of multiple awards and exclusive references

Most of our models are created by our resident designer, Gaetan Vandewyer

As a manufacturer, we made the choice of processing exclusively bamboo as raw material from now on since it offers the perfect match between sustainability, strength and easthetics
Each of our models is made of multilayer solid bamboo not only in its outer surfaces but also in its inner core, offering maximal strength and durability

Experienced hands combined with a finely tuned process reshape this amazing gift from nature into exclusive items while preserving ressources and minimizing the impact of our activity to its lowest level. For more detailed information on this, visit our "company" page

As adhesive agent, Onyx relies exclusively on products bearing the European E1 certification, a guarantee when it comes to ensuring that our products contribute to a healthy indoor environment for our customers